We are woodfiring artists
ourselves who fire exclusively
using wood kilns. We use a
minimal number of glazes and
believe as a part of the making
process the flame should be
allowed to leave its mark. The
effects from woodfiring may be
subtle or intense depending on
the forms made and the firing
style used. We believe that the
firing cycle is only one step in
the process of creating pottery
or sculpture. As artists who use
wood kilns, we are dedicated to
understanding  this ancient
technique so our work is given
the care and attention during
the woodfiring process as it was given when we first formed the
clay. The results we achieve by woodfiring can be stunning,
thereby enhancing the work bringing it to completion, or yield tears
of disappointment when work is ruined. But such is the nature of
things. With experience comes nothing, unless it is accompanied
by understanding. After woodfiring for many years using a great
variety of wood kilns, we are still humbled by how much more there
is to learn.
We  also specialize in the design and construction of wood kilns.  Much of this site has information on
woodkilns and kiln design. We have been woodfiring and working together as a team for many years. Our kiln
design philosophy resides around the fact that in nature, all things change over time. We design our wood
kilns on that premise. Each woodfiring kiln must be flexible and designed with every conceivable option to
enable the ceramic artist to fire the kiln in accordance with the results they may wish to achieve. Our wood
kilns are painstakingly made to last with minimal repair or the need for upgrading when an artists woodfiring
style changes over time. The wood kiln designs we create incorporate the most complete array of options
available, such as firing with oil, gas or other combustible material if the artist should choose to utilize that
option. Each kiln can also be used in woodfiring situations that require the use of soda or salt.

Our contact/links page contain more than links to ceramic sites dealing with the subject of wood kilns and
woodfiring artists. Included are a variety of artists who work in different mediums as well as directories and
reference links. We hope you will enjoy looking through this site, visit our links and will feel free to sign our
guest book.  We would enjoy any comments you may have or suggestions for links to quality web sites.

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